Temporary Fencing Hire Prices in Auckland

Temp Fence Transports, Setup, and Dismantling:

Unit Price: $20+gst / Panel (2.40m wide)

For example:

  • 24 meter fence = 2.4m x 10 panels;
  • 10 panels x $20 = $200+gst

A 24-meter-long temporary fence costs $200+gst for transport, set up, and removal; This covers the labor, transport, and operational overhead. Please send over site photos, site measurements, address and/or building plan for a confirmed quotation in writing for temporary fencing price.

Temporary Fencing Weekly Rent Price:

$3.50 / panel / week. ( >24 weeks )

For example:

  • 24 meter fence = 2.4m x 10 panels;
  • 10 x $3.50 = $35+gst / week

A 24-meter-long temporary fence costs $35+gst to rent for a week, based on a 6 months rent plan; Longer term rental price is negotiable. We’d like to quote on a project base.

Temporary Fencing Specifications

Temporary Fence Panel Specification:
Weigh 10 kgs with their 1.0 mm thick walled galvanized frame;  incorporate 2.5 mm wire anti-climb welded mesh infill.

  • Panel Size: 2400 mm(L) x 2100 mm(H)
  • Frame: 32 mm O.D. & 1.0 mm Wall Thickness
  • Finish: Low Galv – Pre-Galvanised Pipe 14 Microns Av.
  • Infill Mesh: 2.5 mm horizontal, 2.5 mm vertical 150 mm x 60 mm spacing
  • Weight: 10 kg’s

Concrete Filled Feet Specification:

  • Blow Molded Feet, Manufactured in China
  • Color: Orange
  • Infill material: Concrete
  • Overall size: 600mm × 230 × 150mm,
  • Weight: 26 kg.
  • Holes: Lateral

7 Good Reasons to Use FH Temporary Fencing Hire in Auckland

There are several factors and reasons why FH Temp Fencing Hire services are one of your best choices in Auckland when you are hiring temporary construction and safety fences.

  1. Quality of the fences: Sturdy, durable fences that can withstand the elements and provide adequate security for long periods.
  2. Price: The best value for your money. The cost of the fence hire, delivery, installation, and any additional services or features are all clearly stated in our free quote.
  3. Availability: FH Fence Hire has the capacity to meet your needs in terms of the size of the fence required, the length of the hire period, and the number of fences required, the way you want to set them up.
  4. Customer service: We are responsible, and are taking our business very seriously.
  5. Reputation: Our fence rental services originated from our scaffolding hire business. We have certificated professionals in the scaffolding business, we are over-qualified in the temporary fencing business.
  6. Customization options: Specific requirements for their temporary fence, such as gates, locks, additional security features, and more are available. Extra advice based on our rich experiences is free.
  7. Compliance with NZ regulations: All our fences and accessories are NZ regulations complied. Our employees are all site safe trained to fully comply with NZ safety standards. This ensures the safety of workers, visitors, and the general public.